Tremblay is an expert when it comes to piercing the veil of prosaic suburban life to reveal its dark heart. Cryptic, elliptical, and profoundly eerie, The Harlequin & the Train unfolds inexorably as a nightmare.
  - Laird Barron, author of The Imago Sequence and Other Stories

Tremblay is the most literate of genre writers, cutting the language to pieces and reassembling it in new and startling ways. This daring entry into the creepy-doll oeuvre dances the fine line between madness and genius.
  - Scott Nicholson, author of The Skull Ring and They Hunger

Written by
    Paul G. Tremblay
Cover design by
    Nick Curtis
June 2009 | 155 pp
Retail price: $20
Limitation: 400 copies
Status: Available
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This limited edition novella, from critically-acclaimed author Paul G. Tremblay, expands upon the short story of the same name (published in Compositions for the Young and Old, 2004, rev. 2005).

The first release heralding the return of Jeffrey Thomas's Necropolitan Press, this is an experimental fiction narrative that requires you to interact with it using a simple yellow highlighter. The Harlequin & the Train is a novella about paranoia, choice, and the horror of individual and collective consequence.

Plot Summary:
Rudy has only been on the job as a train engineer for a few months. While at the helm of a commuter train headed to Boston, Massachusetts, it hits a harlequin clown, and in the chaotic aftermath, he witnesses the horrific and inexplicable actions of a group of people who were seemingly laying in wait for the accident. There are other accidents and as the group infiltrates his life (present and past), and as random global acts of violence and suffering seem to be connected, what Rudy believes about others and himself will be forever warped as he makes his final choice.

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The Harlequin & the Train: A Novella

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