It is all very strange; it is all very recommended.
  - Interzone

This is the sort of thing that reminds us that while publishing modes, genres, literary schools and styles, and even the material matrices in which literature is encoded, come and go, there is a restorative impulse, a literary innocence, that transcends the maya thereof, that has not died yet, that remains eternal...It restoreth the soul. It giveth hope.
  - Norman Spinrad, in Asimov's

Postmodern delights mixed with old-fashioned narrative pleasures...This multilayered mock chronicle detailing the history of VanderMeer's imaginary metropolis conceals an infinite variety of pleasures, both cerebral and visceral.
  - Paul Di Filippo, in Asimov's

Written by
    Jeff VanderMeer
Cover art by
    Jeffrey Thomas
November 1999 | 84 pp
Original retail price: $7.99
Status: Out Of Print

A mesmerizing novella -- one moment hilarious, the next utterly chilling -- that is not only a tour guide through the dream city of Ambergris, but through the very architecture of the imagination. This brilliant work, presented as an actual "artifact" from Ambergris, and stunningly intricate in its construction, builds upon the world introduced in Dradin, In Love: A Tale of Elsewhen & Otherwhere (Buzzcity Press, 1996).

The Early History of Ambergris was listed as one of the Books of the Year by acclaimed British author Brian Stableford in Vector, the Critical Journal of the British Science Fiction Association.

Reprinted (with other tales from Ambergris) in City of Saints and Madmen, published by Cosmos Books (2001), Prime Books (2002), Wildside Press (2003), Tor UK (2004), and Spectra (2006).


The Hoegbotton Guide to the Early History of Ambergris, by Duncan Shriek

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