Lovecraftian fans will be pleased to visit Sesqua Valley.
  - Cemetery Dance

Written by
    W. H. Pugmire
Cover art by
    Earl Geier
August 1997 | 66 pp
Original retail price: $5.00
Status: Out Of Print

A collection of the dark fantasy and Lovecraftian horror by the widely-respected weird story-teller W. H. Pugmire. Pugmire's style is distinctively lyrical, his stories raw with emotion, his approach to the Cthulhu Mythos utterly unique.

Most of the reprints in this edition were substantially rewritten since their initial publication.

A second printing of the book was made, the sole difference being the cover stock: the first printing had a glossy white cover while the second printing had grainy gray cardstock cover.

Tales from this collection were reprinted (usually in further revised format) in both Sesqua Valley and Other Haunts (Delirium Books, 2003) and The Fungal Stain And Other Dreams (Hippocampus Press, 2006).


  1. "Beyond the Valley of the Damned" [Introduction by Jeffrey Thomas]
  2. "Another Flesh" [originally published in The Bone Marrow Review #1]
  3. "Beneath the Deepest Wound" [originally published in The End #1 | '93]
  4. "Apotheosis" [previously unpublished]
  5. "Born in Strange Shadow" [originally published in Terminal Fright | Summer '96]
  6. "An Image in Chalk" [originally published in World of H.P. Lovecraft #4]
  7. "The Imp of Aether" [previously unpublished]
  8. "Immortal Remains" [previously published in Cthulhu Codex #6]
  9. "The Million-Shadowed One" [previously unpublished]
  10. "The Child of Dark Mania" [previously published in The Pnakotic Series]
  11. "The Balm of Nepenthe" [previously unpublished]

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