Edited by
    Jeffrey Thomas
Cover art by
    Jeffrey Thomas
1998 | 68 pp
Original retail price: $5.00
Status: Out Of Print

Includes the poem "Life Among the Dream Merchants" by Kurt Newton, which received an Honorable Mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.

Featuring artwork by:
Jon C. Gernon (pages 20, 21, 30 & 35)
Robert Thomas (page 48)
Jeffrey Thomas (Front & Back Covers, pages 1, 15, 29, 33, 34, 43, 47 & 64)
Curtis Wilcox (Inside Front & Inside Back Covers)


  1. "Notes On The Contributors" by Jeffrey Thomas
  2. "The Moon's Sweetest Breath" by Deidrea Cox
  3. "Haunting" by Douglas M. Stokes
  4. "The Visitor" by MB. Wolf
  5. "Transitions" by Douglas M. Stokes
  6. "The Trailer" by Todd H.C. Fischer
  7. "The Definition Of Modern" by Mary Winters
  8. "The Desires Of The Unctuous" by Douglas M. Stokes
  9. "The Kindness Of Strangers" by James Doig
  10. "Dignity" by Valerie Hardin
  11. "Possessed" by Valerie Hardin
  12. "Old Man's Song" by Norman Rudnick
  13. "The White Room" by Kurt Newton
  14. "Letter To The Editor" by Jason Kuhl
  15. "Zombie Love Song" by Thomas Zimmerman
  16. "Letting The Past Rest In Peace" by David Rogers
  17. "Hey, Thanks!" by Mary Winters
  18. "Haunting" by Douglas M. Stokes
  19. "The Hanged Man" by Norman Rudnick
  20. "Auntie Blue" by Rod Heather
  21. "To A Vampire" by MB. Wolf
  22. "Life Among The Dream Merchants" by Kurt Newton
  23. "Sex" by Thomas Zimmerman
  24. "All Now With Wings" by Robert Sagirs
  25. "The Nothing Man" by Valerie Hardin
  26. "Fruits Of The Flesh" by Valerie Hardin

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