The End magazine

Edited by
    Jeffrey Thomas
Cover art by
    Rebecca Dart
1995 | 78 pp
Original retail price: $3.75
Status: Out Of Print

Contains fifteen stories by the likes of W. H. Pugmire, Michael Hemmingson and Harper Books novelist Michael O'Rourke. Contributions from both Gerard Houarner and Gary Lynn Morton listed in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.


  1. Loose Ends by Jeffrey Thomas
  2. "At the Gates of the End" by Michael Hemmingson
  3. "Aboard the Dark" by Scott Thomas
  4. "Stones" by James W. Hays
  5. "Vigil" by David Moss
  6. "Now They Fall" by William P. Robertson
  7. "Shark's Tooth" by Ken Goldman
  8. "The Lost Mothers" by Gerard Daniel Houarner
  9. "Blood in the Weave" by Brad J. Boucher
  10. "Naked on a Stage" by Kerri Brostrom
  11. "Awakening" by Jacie Ragan
  12. "Balance" by Jacie Ragan
  13. "The Fuguist" by David Barker
  14. "The Molestation Years" by Kerri Brostrom
  15. "On the Origins of Despised Creatures" by Michael O'Rourke
  16. "Dust Devil" by Gary Lynn Morton
  17. "Werewolves Hate Snow" by Margaret Smith
  18. "Sketches of Love" by Steve Henry
  19. "Dread, Undread" by Margaret Smith
  20. "Grind" by Charlee Jacob
  21. "A Pair of Aces from Hell" by Thomas A. C. Hughes
  22. "The Path That Runs Reverse" by David Duggins
  23. "Slave" by William P. Robertson
  24. "The Bloom of Sacrifice" by W.H. Pugmire
  25. "A World in Edgewise" by Chris Tannlund
  26. "Kurt" by W.H. Pugmire

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