The End magazine

Edited by
    Jeffrey Thomas
Cover art by
    Jon C. Gernon
1996 | 74 pp
Original retail price: $4.00
Status: Out Of Print

Last issue to be published solely by Necropolitan Press. Contains thirteen tales ranging across the dark spectrum; from the surreal and experimental to the traditional and Lovecraftian. Contributors include novelist Anke Kriske, Benjamin Adams, Charles Saplak and a story by England's brilliant and prolific D.F. Lewis, which received honorable mention in The Year's Best Fantasy and Horror.


  1. Loose Ends by Jeffrey Thomas
  2. "The Strange Case of Walter Sanders" by Joseph P. Kervin
  3. "The Future" by Robert Thomas
  4. "The Sea Men" by Scott Thomas
  5. "Purged of Dream" by D.F. Lewis
  6. "Poppies" by Margaret Smith
  7. "To Speak of the River" by Margaret Smith
  8. "Slasher" by David J. Adams
  9. "That Painting" by John Grey
  10. "Renditions of Depravity in a Minor Key" by Pam Chillemi-Yeager
  11. "A Cigarette" by Ellison Jack
  12. "Goatlight" by Chad Hensley
  13. "Lives in Black and White" by Anke Kriske
  14. "For God and Country" by Brendon Murphy
  15. "The Darkest Jungle, 100 Years Later" by John Grey
  16. "Three Bells of the Dog Watch" by D.J. Murphy
  17. "Murder" by Scott McKee
  18. "An Evening at the Brunnion Home" by Charles M. Saplak
  19. "Rana" by Benjamin Adams
  20. "The Mountain House" by Gerard Daniel Houarner

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