Different settings, different voices, different vampires from what we've seen a zillion times before.
  - Vampire Crypt

Edited by
    Jeffrey Thomas
Cover art by
    Lynn Aude
1996 | 64 pp
Original retail price: $4.00
Status: Unavailable

An attractive volume of seven unique and unexpected takes on the vampire tale... from the erotic to the gothic, from science-fiction to the Lovecraftian (Nyarlathotep as vampire). Writers include: Scott Thomas, Margaret Smith, Jeff Dennis, Joanne S. Kanarkiewicz, J. M. Rozanski, James Ambuehl, and W.H. Pugmire.

Featuring the equally varied work of six illustrators:
Lynn Aude (Front Cover)
Doug Ferrin (Back Cover, pages 18 & 63)
Jon C. Gernon (Inside Back Cover, pages 17, 21 & 35)
Jeffrey Thomas (pages 20, 28, 33 & 42 | collages: pages 4, 5, 27, 49 & 64 | photo: 26)
Scott Thomas (page 6)
Curtis Wilcox (Inside Front Cover)


  1. "Introduction: Classifying Specimens" by Jeffrey Thomas
  2. "Demons: Dearg-Due" by Scott Thomas
  3. "Ghosts: The Boy Who Made Me Scream" by W.H. Pugmire [Read Online]
  4. "Lovers: Night Light by Joanne S. Kanarkiewicz
  5. "Shapeshifters: Trial By Vampire" by J.M. Rozanski
  6. "Friends: Go Down, Ye Blood Red Roses" by Margaret Smith
  7. "Gods: The Bane Of Byagoona" by James Ambuehl
  8. "Mutants: East Of Hades" by Jeff Dennis

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